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Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioning system is a necessity in the warmer months, keeping you cool as you’re driving the Isle of Man’s roads and enjoying the warm Manx sun.

Did you know that car air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to keep it working at its best and functioning efficiently? We recommend having it checked by a professional at least every two years for optimal performance. Alternatively, if you’ve noticed any of the following signs it might be time to get it looked at.

These are the most common signs there are problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning system and could indicate a number of issues, from low refrigerant levels to an internal obstruction. Our diagnostic tests and performance tests are here to help.

Recharge Or No Charge

Island Tyres & Autocare offers free performance tests to determine if your air-con is in need of a re-charge. If we’re unable to noticeably improve the coolest vent temperature with R134A gas, we will not charge for our time or for the service.

We also offer an air conditioning cleaning service, which may be required if there are unusual smells coming from your air-con system.




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